14 April, 2016


WBGC is well-known golf tournament for Bidayuh golfers in Sarawak and the world over thanks to the Internet. Started twelve years ago, this once-a-year tournament may not carry any PGA points but it has definitely made its mark amongst Bidayuh golfers. Check earlier post in this blog. Its this time of the year that many golfers wish they can join the fray.

For those who love golf but not able to swing like the good old days, they will come and get involve somehow either directly or in kind. When it comes to golf, the game knows no bound and golfers from all plural societies with multiracial background will show their support.

This year, in appreciation of the venue being moved to the Sarawak Country Club (SCC) Samarahan, the Captain has agreed to contribute prizes to anyone who achieve a hole-in-one. There will be fat voucher for all the par 3s worth five thousand Ringgit Malaysia (RM5K).

That is indeed a wonderful gesture from lover of the game of golf. Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) the main organiser of this much-awaited golf tournament is very grateful. Thank you Captain.

So there you have it. Time to sharpen your game and who knows, Magit Semong might consider to hit short on all par threes on purpose this year!

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